How to get rid of acne scars on back

How to get rid of acne scars on back

How to get rid of acne scars on the back is a frequent question posed by sufferers.

Initially, it is important to identify the type of scarring there is.

Basically a scar is either Active or Mature.

An active acne scar is a raised lump, sometimes red &other times pigmented. This type of scar is usually early and much more amenable to treatment.

Here the Fibroblast cells in the dermis produce large quantities of collagen that forms the raised lump of the scar.

Topical treatment of this condition should have the following mandatory ingredients:

Silicones:Dimethicone &cyclopentasiloxane seal the skin to increase moisture into skin cells. This helps to reduce the inflammatory triggers that are stimulating the collagen production.

Vitamin C 10 % is essential to stimulate healthy collagen production and promote healing. Vitamin A is also necessary for  normal healing.

Anti-inflammatories: Salicylic acid 2 %, Rutin which is a plant anti-histamine &Bromelain all have significant anti inflammatory action.

Hyaluronic acid is a powerful moisture holder that is excellent in healing skin.

Such an ideal combination is present in Scar Repairex® Ultra cream.

Unfortunately, as is usually the case, most cases of scarring of the back present late & turn into the Mature type, where the raised active lumps have contracted into depressions or “acne scar craters” that are called ice pick, box scars or rolling scars.

The pathology of these scars is very different.

Here dense fibrous bands of collagen have contracted to pull the skin into the deeper hypodermis or skin fascia.

The above situation is much more difficult to treat. Normally, if the scars are shallow, it is recommended to carry out a combination peel, which contains a combination of a fruit acid, e.g. Glycolic acid,

Azelaic acid (to control any active acne), Salicylic acid & Phytic acid.

Acnex® peeling mask is such a peel that can smoothen out the holes in the skin of the back.

A major advantage here is that, repeated peels at weekly intervals can help promote resurfacing without any down time.

If the scarring is very deep and the skin is tightly stuck to the skin,then vertical subcision, using a micro-needling device called Dermarollex®would be recommended. Here a roller, bearing 200-600 needles is rolled over the scarred skin, to cut through(subcise) the shrunk collagen fibres.

Only after this, can new collagen grow through the skin resulting in flatter skin.

Whether peeling or micro-needling is used for resurfacing, there is no known benefit of Laser treatment for acne scarring of the back.

What ever the method of resurfacing, Scar Repairex®Ultracream is necessary to use post-procedure, in order to optimize the healing environment .

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