How to get rid of old scars

How to get rid of old scars

“Old scar treatment” is a misleading term.

In terms of time from original injury, it has no bearing on its management.

What really matters is whether the scar is active or mature.

Active Scar:

This is indicated by redness, pain, swelling or itching.

The presence of any of the above features indicates the presence of inflammation or proliferation in the skin.

The scar has not yet matured.

There a rich silicone-based cream, Scar Repairex® Ultra, that contains anti- inflammatoriese.g. Salicylic acid 2% along with Rutin anti-histamine &healing promoters Vitamin C 10%, Hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A&E is mandatory to stop the inflammation &proliferation of unnecessary collagen.

Scar Repairex® Ultra has been designed taking into account the pathology of scar formation & maturation.

Any scar cream hoping to claim being an old scar treatment must contain the above ingredients.

Mature Scar:

The old scar treatment usually refers to this stage of scar life.

Here the scar has usually shrunk into a hole or become disfigured, as frequently seen after burns scars.

This occurs because fibrous band of abnormal collagen have been allowed to proliferate, which has subsequently contracted and pulled the skin into disfiguring shapes.

The worst cases are seen after burns&corrosive (acid) injuries.

In mature scars, resurfacing or scar revision are the only options.

Resurfacing with Lasers or microdermabrasion is not beneficial, as these treatments do not remove the fibrous bands that attach the skin to the deep hypodermis or even deeper fascial layers, thereby distorting their surface.

Here micro-needling is useful but, there is some bleeding involved & there is a down time, which can be minimised by using smaller needles.

Another option is to chemically peel the skin, which removes layers of skin, with the new skin cells being smoother.

Scar revision is where a plastic surgeon will remove the whole scar &re-suture the clean skin edges with the hope that the new wound will heal better.

Regardless of which method is used, the final outcome will depend on the healing environment of this wound.

Scar Repairex®& Scar Repairex® Ultra provide the skin with the necessary ingredients to heal the skin well.

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