How to Remove Scars

Before deciding how to remove scars it is important to classify scarring into Active or Mature Scars.


This is when the scar is red, raised, itchy or painful.
Any of these indicate that there is Inflammation or Proliferation still present in the scar.
This type of scar should be managed by using a silicone based cream containing Anti-inflammatories, healing promoters & anti oxidants.

There is a “small window” before the scar becomes mature and the stiffens due to fibrous bands that permanently disfigure the normal contours of skin.


Here the scar is shrunk, sunken or distorted in shape e.g. Atrophic sunken scars of Acne (holes in skin) or scars from burns that frequently contract & pull the skin in different directions caused by tight bands of thick abnormal fibrous collagen.
This situation cannot be improved without a resurfacing procedure e.g. Chemical peeling or micro needling.
Laser resurfacing or microdermabrasion is useless.

Another procedure is scar revision, where the Plastic surgeon cuts out the scar and stitches (suturing) together the freshly cut skin hoping for a better scar.

Therefore,, it is essential to classify any scar into the above two groups before deciding on how to remove scars.

Active scarring should be treated with a product that must contain the following:

Silicones- Dimethicone & cyclopentasiloxane. This occludes and promotes healing.
Anti-inflammatories:Salicylic acid 2%,Rutin anti-histamine.
Healing promoters:Vitamin C 10%,Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A.

Scar Repairex® Ultra is such a product designed to provide all the necessary conditions to allow healthy “healing to win over scarring”.

Even if Scar revision or skin resurfacing is decided upon, it is mandatory to use a suitable scar cream to provide the optimum environment for healing to occur.

Scar Repairex® & Scar Repairex® Ultra have all the above ingredients to heal.

Scar Repairex® cream is excellent for scars under two years old, while Scar Repairex® Ultra works better on old, stubborn scars.

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