• About 6 weeks ago, I had an accident where I banged my head on a sharp corner of a
    table causing a jagged scar.
    I asked for online advice, and after examining my photos, they suggested Scar Repairex cream.
    I didnt think a cream could heal such a scar, but I am really surprised at the speed with which Scar Repairex worked.

    I have an almost invisible line, which I can cover up easily.

    Mr Harish Khurana, Behrain
  • I have had acne scars since my teenage years.
    They are both sides of my cheek.
    I have tiny indentations on both sides of my face.
    My dermatologist suggested Scar Repairex Ultra with Dermarollex needles.
    Although quite uncomfortable to use at first, but the results were much better.

    Amira, Bin Seena Pharmacy, Edgware
  • It’s the latest technology to reduce scars. I am proud to recommend Scar Repairex.

    Pradip, Edgware
  • I burnt my hand in a kitchen accident & applied Scar Repairex cream. It has been 12 weeks now since the incident, and I am amaze that there is no scars left.
    I am glad that my friend had recommended Scar Repairex cream to me. I would do the same.

    Mrs Sarita Pindoria, Willesden
  • The Silicone based technology in Scar Repairex® is a very well- established area in the treatment of scars. I have seen the reduction in acne scars with Scar Repairex® in my customers.

    Raja, London